Three Loves

A Novel
Graceann K. Deters


I wrote Three Loves because I felt the need to tell a story. I learned to love a young man, the son of a good friend on whom I based the character “Bruno.” He was a multi-talented person. It seemed there was nothing he couldn’t do and do well: sing, dance, play the piano, cook, design clothes, sew, paint beautiful scenes, etc… and he also had an incredible positive attitude about life and everything he did. When he discovered he was HIV positive was the only time I felt he was stunned and worried. But in a few days his attitude changed and again he felt that life was great and he would make the best of the short time he had to live.
In the meanwhile I had to deal with how I felt about all of my many gay issues. Is it a sin to be gay? What does the Bible say about being gay? How can I be Bruno’s friend knowing that I don’t approve of his life-style? Later some of the questions I had to answer were: Should same-sex marriages be O.K.? Isn’t that contrary to God’s plan? Also should same sex couples be allowed to legally adopt children. These are just a few of the questions I had to answer for myself and by writing this novel the answers became clearer to me. I feel in many ways I have changed and grown as a person. I still do not have all of my questions answered and I continue questioning and searching for what I feel is right, for me.
In this book, the character “Padre Antonio” is in many ways my alter-ego. Through him, I am trying to work out some of my questions. You may, or may not accept Padre Antonio’s way of thinking. He is my way of searching, questioning and trying to find answers.
In future blogs I will give you my answers to many of these questions. In no way do I expect anyone to accept my answers. I believe that every person has to figure out for themselves how they feel.
It is interesting that in several cases there were people who simply said ”Graceann, I can’t read your book. That is a topic I don’t care to hear about or spend my time reading about.” My answer is always supportive: ”I understand and please don’t think that you are hurting my feelings.”
In future blogs I plan to give you my personal opinions on various topics I mention above. I hope we can have some good exchanges. I’m sure you have your individual opinions and I want to hear them. I know I will also learn.

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  1. Oh Grace… I am so happy for you!! Wow… your second book (you know I loved the first one) with an award and notoriety!!

    I do hope you remember me; Kristen Valperga. I was Steve Steven’s fiancé for six years. I will always love him. I still miss him, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

    I am proud of you. I miss seeing you and Bill. Ah yes… but life moves along, does it not?

    With great love and compassion,

    ps, please do say hi to everyone for me!!

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