Three Loves

A Novel
Graceann K. Deters


An unconventional love story

When his blood test results come back positive for HIV, Bruno Garcia—young, gregarious, and deeply closeted—is convinced his life is over. Instead, a surprise marriage proposal from his overwhelmingly competent immigration officer, Betty, offers him an undreamed of solution.

Even after Bruno falls in love with Anthony, a Venezuelan expat with familial baggage of his own, Betty stays by his side. The three form connections that defy conventions and span continents. Three Loves tenderly depicts how choices, not blood, determine the true meaning and shape of a family.


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Praise for Three Loves

“In the unrelenting turmoil that is our present world, comes a novel in which those deemed sinful and crass are the best humanity has to offer. Set in the unparalleled beauty of coastal Brazil and Miami, “Three Loves” offers up a moving story of what it means to be truly good – forsaking dogma and washing it clean by the hands of three individuals who give new meaning to the word decency. Three Loves’ characters get under your skin forcing you to consider what is normal and what is right. I miss them; I can still hear their waves crashing against the shore.” —Julie P. Freeman, Ph.D.


“This is an incredible story, well told. It’s more than a coming out or coming of age story. It’s the first person narrative of a young gay man’s transformation from a likeable, self-indulgent boy to a lovable, responsible adult. The subject matter is timely: HIV, immigration barriers, same sex marriage, and the role of organized religion. Grace assembled a colorful, believable cast of characters, and then created an intriguing predicament for them. Bruno, the gregarious main character, proves anything is possible with help from friends and family, plus a few selfless acts along the way. This non-traditional family story takes place in Minnesota, Florida, and Brazil, with vivid background descriptions. Even though two of the main characters are gay, this novel is for anyone who believes there is more than one path to love, happiness, and a noble life. With both heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, I regretted reaching the end of the story. I hope Grace has more stories for us!” —Michael Powers, Author of Mat Salleh & Bali Bule Hunter